Trust me – my internship taught me a lot

Trust me – my internship taught me a lot
John Vogl
September 30, 2014

A wise man once told me that trust, accompanied by loyalty and consistency, is the key to all good relationships, be it business or pleasure.  Throughout my life and, more important, my internship here at Güd Marketing, the importance of that saying has become more apparent than I had ever truly realized. Entering my experience as a production intern here at Güd Marketing last November, I admit I knew little to nothing about the complex, constantly evolving production side of the marketing and ad agency business. The complicated day-to-day, elaborate yet intriguing tasks of producing everything from brochures to commercials are challenging feats to learn, let alone explain to someone who is not directly involved in this facet of the business, so I digress.

Stick To What You Know

Despite all the knowledge I now have regarding production, albeit still miniscule in comparison with some, one thing I do understand, and something I’ve always taken pride in, is knowing people – something that has benefited me in my internship.  From an early age I took pride in building relationships and trust with a wide variety of people. In essence, relating to them. Whether it was friends, parents, teachers, coaches, teammates or now clients and vendors, I have found it beneficial and enjoyable to not only make a great first impression but to do my best to maintain that initial standard moving forward. 

The Learning Curve

A significant portion of my job here at Güd Marketing involves communicating and working with dozens of vendors on a day-to-day basis in order to get produced for the client what we have envisioned and constructed in our minds. The entirety of the process in which my production manager and I work with a variety of vendors to get items produced is more complicated than I care to explain here, but it all boils down to two things that I am always trying to garner and improve: trust and consistency. We have to trust that our vendors will get exactly – and I do not use that word lightly – what we need produced and do so in a time-restricted manner, consistently. The vendors, for the sake of their business and success, need to trust us in that we will be loyal in giving them opportunities for future jobs. Although more power may rest on one side or the other, pending the situation, in my position, it is most definitely a two-way street and one that is best driven with trust from the perpetually quick, passing traffic.

Personal - Business

In many of my business classes at Michigan State University, and from several other sources throughout my life, I have heard, “It’s business – don’t make it personal,” or something along those lines. While there is an immense amount of truth behind that statement that applies to countless aspects of the business world, I occasionally beg to differ. Making things personal, in the proper situations, of course, can propel you that much further ahead of the competition. Making things personal builds trust. Trust builds relationships, and relationships build business. I have thoroughly enjoyed communicating and getting to know a number of vendors who have become, albeit small, a part of my everyday life. Even if it’s taking a mere five extra minutes to chat about how they are doing or about the big game last weekend, it may just matter more than you think. 

Written by John Vogl, an intern at Güd Marketing from October 2013 - January 2015.