EarlyOn Michigan

Developmental delays wait for no one.

The Michigan Department of Education wanted to increase awareness of Build Up, the state’s extensive preschool early intervention program, in target areas of the state. A campaign was needed to stress the importance of early evaluation of children ages 3 to 5 to help parents and children get additional educational support to become kindergarten ready.

Kids don’t “grow out of it.”

Children develop at different rates, so it’s difficult for parents to recognize delays.
Research revealed many barriers, including denial and embarrassment, that prevented parents from seeking help.

We helped parents feel at ease.

Associating Build Up’s intervention program as part of the transition into kindergarten helped normalize the process.
The introduction of a “buddy who’s always by your child’s side” gave Michigan parents hope and confidence.

It was crucial that parents stay engaged.

Digital and social media strategies continually put child development resources within reach.
Digital and Social Media
Digital display messaging and welcoming social media tactics encouraged parents to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

It’s good to have a friend you can turn to.

Build Up becomes a partner for parents of children with disabilities.
Online pre-roll video was highly effective with digital click-through rates far exceeding the industry average.

A time for action.

When drinking water in Flint was found to be contaminated with dangerous levels of lead, a more urgent message – “Don’t wait. Evaluate.” – was targeted directly at Flint parents to help Early On® Michigan and the Genesee Intermediate School District evaluate all children ages 0 to 3 in Flint.

There wasn’t a moment to lose.

The simple modification of the existing Build Up campaign was rapidly deployed across multiple media channels.
Billboards were placed throughout Flint to encourage parents to take action on behalf of their children.
Public transportation print advertising was effective at reaching the target most affected.

All Parents – Not Just Some – Needed to Know What To Do.

Up-to-the-minute digital display and social media presence.
Digital and Content Marketing
The urgent need to evaluate every Flint child was further reinforced with an extensive presence on the web.
Content marketing videos and articles were pushed through social media and digital news service channels to help tell the story of Flint.

Our media partners went above and beyond.

Not only did the work resonate with Flint, but it resonated with our media partners as well.
Our media partners’ personal involvement and philanthropic reaction to the crisis resulted in a 400% increase of value-added media placements for the campaign.