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Why Güd Marketing? If you’re wondering how to pronounce our name, it’s good. We mean that. It really is “good.” Not “g-uh-d” or “g-ooooooo-d.” So then, why not “Great Marketing”? Or “The Best Marketing Ever”? “Good” does not represent the quality of our work – it represents what our work stands for. We are stewards …

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Güd Things – Copy

Best Practices for Building and Managing Websites by Samuel Batali As the first place that people look to for information about a business or organization, a website is a powerful tool. However, building and managing a website can be time-consuming and costly. So … What’s Up With Twitter? by Kaila Szafranski Somewhere between your morning …

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So … what’s up with Twitter?

So … What’s Up With Twitter? by Kaila Szafranski on Nov 23, 2022 • -minute read Somewhere between your morning coffee scroll and evening news peruse, you’ve probably come across a headline (or 10) about Twitter. And like many other marketers, you may be feeling a little uncertain and lost in the social media sea. …

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Why Is Reddit Relevant?

Why Is Reddit Relevant? by Kaila Szafranski on Oct 11, 2022 • -minute read Ah, Reddit. Yelp’s uglier stepsister. Or, is it? It may be shocking, but Reddit can be an extremely valuable and beneficial platform for paid advertising. And, it might just be the piece that’s missing from your marketing mix. Read on to …

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Lights. Camera. Snapchat.

Lights. Camera. Snapchat. 📸 by Kaila Szafranski on Oct 11, 2022 • -minute read Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. When it comes to advertising on social media, every business has its go-to sites. And given the recent rise of TikTok, some marketers would deem Snapchat the one-hit wonder of social … but the platform is far from …

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When News Breaks

When News Breaks by Sophie Gamble on Aug 30, 2022 • -minute read A key component of any successful public relations campaign is the planning that goes into it. At Güd, we pride ourselves on data- and result-driven public relations work that starts with identifying the outcome based on the target audience. In this post, …

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Is Twitter Right for Your Brand

Is Twitter Right for Your Brand? by Griffin Decker on May 10, 2022 • -minute read Choosing what social platform to use for your business can be tough and intimidating. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter all have millions of companies on them, creating noise and content. All social media channels can be …

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What’s Great About Güd?

What’s Great About Güd? by Kaila Szafranski on July 12, 2022 • -minute read Culture. Flexibility. Growth. When searching for a new career, these keywords can sometimes sound like a job-posting broken record. Dive a little deeper with us and read on for five authentic reasons why it’s great to work at Güd Marketing and …

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