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Why Güd Marketing?

If you’re wondering how to pronounce our name, it’s good. We mean that. It really is “good.” Not “g-uh-d” or “g-ooooooo-d.”

So then, why not “Great Marketing”? Or “The Best Marketing Ever”?
“Good” does not represent the quality of our work — it represents what our work stands for. We are stewards of the greater good, supporting organizations that create strong, healthy communities. That is excellent work to be a part of and representative of our role in the society we constantly work to uplift.

But what about “ü”?

The “u” represents the idea that we look at things differently. It speaks to our value of curiosity. We don’t just approach a marketing challenge in the obvious ways, we turn the problem around to create a conversation and something memorable.
And the umlaut: Notice how a “u” with an umlaut looks like a smile? Ü
That’s intentional. The umlaut symbolizes our culture. In every task or challenge we take on, we never forget to have a little fun. Yes, our work can be quite serious, but we find the best way to face a challenge is to go into it with a can-do attitude and to share that warmth with our clients.

Our Team

The individual experiences of each of our team members provide us with unique, diverse perspectives to inform and inspire our work. And we have a lot of fun along the way.

Lauren Abbott

Account Executive
Dog mom, coffee lover, adventure seeker, #SupportSmallBusiness

Samuel Batali

Full Stack Developer
Tech enthusiast, soccer player, gamer, road trips 

Suzi Burger

Accounting Specialist
Proud mom, loves sunshine, yardwork, beaches, traveling and MY GRANDKIDS!

Hannah Burleson

Production Coordinator
Marvel nerd, cat mom, Motown music, loves lasagna like Garfield

Ally Caldwell

Resource Manager
DIY-er, crime and history buff, cat mom to three

Ethan Davis

Traffic Coordinator
Sports enthusiast, snowboarding, animal lover

Tim Dilts

Implementation Manager
Family man, boy dad, avid outdoorsman, college football fan

Janice Fagan

Business Development Writer
Wife & mom, random factition, tamer of chaos, more sweaters than Mr. Rogers

Sophie Gamble

Project Manager
Avid reader, animal lover, caffeine enthusiast

Manny Garcia

Account Manager
Family, mitten state of mind, LGBTQ+, Sparty On, martini shaken, not stirred

Brooke Gieber

Senior Strategist
Gardener, nature lover, happy mama, ecocentric human

Juliette Givhan

Poet, pet parent, general rapscallion.

Our Services


Research and data-driven insights that fuel effective communications strategies and messaging.


Leveraging research, insights and experience to provide a strategic road map for communications success.


Crafting compelling and effective messages that move hearts and minds.


Ideas that disrupt consumer inertia, have a life of their own and work effortlessly to elevate your brand.

Social Media

Creating authentic connections through engaging content that delivers unique value to your audiences.

Media Buying

Reaching audiences with integrated and innovative media solutions that deliver exceptional ROI.


Providing a digital presence that’s inventive and cutting-edge and drives measurable results.


Brand website design, development and evolution that makes a lasting impression.

Public Relations

Build image, influence and visibility through community outreach, media engagement and crisis management.

Content Marketing

Creating valuable, relevant content to attract attention and engage key audiences.

Capacity Building

Strengthen internal team communications skills, knowledge, tools and resources to maximize success.


Understanding your audience, defining your brand purpose and identifying key differentiators that build loyalty.

Our Culture

At Güd Marketing, we embrace differences. We respect all persons, methods and points of view. These values are at the heart of who we are and what we do as an organization to inspire positive change. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is central to our mission to strengthen communities and improve lives.
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45 Years for the Greater

As Güd Marketing looks back on 45 years, we’re proud of where we are today and the journey that brought us here.

Business of the Year

Güd Marketing was awarded 2020 Business of the Year at the Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards for making a meaningful impact in our communities.
Deb Horak holding a glass "Business of the Year" award trophy.
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