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The one thing you need to know for filming safely during COVID

by Joel Newport on December 20, 2020 2 -minute read
No doubt that safety moved to the forefront of every aspect of our lives after the pandemic hit. COVID-19 has altered how every industry conducts business and has potentially forever changed many of our social norms.
Joel Newport filming during COVID-19 for MiSTEM - a video to encourage schools and administration staff to explore tools for implementing stem programs through the MiSTEM network.
Each industry has had to address unique challenges in order to survive in these new conditions, and video production is no exception. On the surface, it may seem pretty straightforward, especially with what we’ve learned as the pandemic lingers. But the realities of filming are never that cut and dried. At its core, filming can be a very intimate process, with many crew members in close contact with actors required to pull off even the most basic-looking scenes. The key to reducing the risk of exposure during filming and still getting the shots you need comes down to one simple shift in thinking – and that’s time.
What was once a fast-paced world of cramming as many shots and setups as you could in a day, has now become a planned, methodical approach to getting what you need while maintaining enough time in your filming schedule to properly follow what are now universally standard guidelines for social distancing, mask wearing and minimizing contact. When you don’t give people the time they need to properly follow protocol, the pressure of getting your shots and making your day increases the likelihood of safety measures being compromised. Really, we all know what to do to keep each other safe, so let’s not forget to plan for the extra time it takes to do it right.

Joel Newport

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