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by Kaila Szafranski on Oct 11, 2022 2 -minute read
Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. When it comes to advertising on social media, every business has its go-to sites. And given the recent rise of TikTok, some marketers would deem Snapchat the one-hit wonder of social … but the platform is far from retired.
According to a recent Statista study, Snapchat currently sees 347 million daily users worldwide, up 18% from this time last year. By comparison, Facebook’s daily user count has increased by only 5% over the last year. And while it may not be the largest social media platform, Snapchat still ranks 12th in terms of popularity, falling above favored sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Still not convinced that Snapchat could be a relevant addition to your marketing mix? Keep reading for three more reasons why you should consider advertising on this app.

Young Demographic

Think about your cousins, nieces, nephews or children who are millennials or Generation Z. Are they active on Facebook, or even Instagram? Probably not. This age group is notoriously known for steering clear of the OG social media platforms, but they are highly engaged by sites that foster content and creativity. Cue Snapchat — 39% of Snapchat’s users are 18-24 years old, making it a unique and viable niche platform to reach younger audiences.

Non-Skippable Video Placements

Like traditional television, connected-device television and YouTube, Snapchat offers non-skippable video placements. This format allows you to run six-second or less video ads that deliver complete brand messages to your target audience, resulting in higher ad recall and engagement. In the social media space, this type of placement is a rarity as users can typically scroll right past your ads.


While ease of use may not seem like a major factor in selecting your paid advertising tactics, most digital marketers would beg to differ. Social media ad tools can sometimes be inconsistent, extremely difficult to master and, most of all, time-consuming. Snapchat, however, is quick to set up and easy to navigate, and it offers a convenient and free live chat service. Plus, the platform only requires a $5 daily spend, so you can run a fully integrated campaign no matter your budget.
At the end of the day, should Snapchat be the only social platform that you use for advertising? No. It’s important to think holistically about your campaigns and evaluate the pros and cons that every site offers. Just remember to always consider the smaller apps and sites because sometimes they can bring a little extra something to the table — at a fraction of the cost.
If you’re interested in learning more about Snapchat and other forms of social media advertising, give us a call at 517-267-9800 or send us a message and we’d be happy to help.

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