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Project Management for Complex Campaigns

by Rita Abbawi on April 21, 2021 • 5-minute read
Güd Marketing has been entrusted to manage many complex campaigns on our clients’ behalf. Our ability to manage these projects and exceed expectations is what sets us apart. Clients know that when they choose Güd, they are choosing a seamless experience. We take their campaigns and put them into market, but along the way a lot of unseen work is done that the client does not have to worry about. As an account coordinator at Güd, it is my job to make sure that these complex campaigns run smoothly and seamlessly and go into market on time.
Vector illustration of a computer screen showing a generic project timeline.
A big part of an account coordinator’s role is managing campaign deliverables from start to end. For the past three years, I’ve worked on an unbelievable number of projects in various industries (education, music, recruitment, etc.). Each one brings a new challenge and perspective to the work.
The experience of working on projects from such diverse clients with unique needs has helped me identify what makes one project more complex than others. When I think of complex projects, I think of the Michigan Census count and Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) recycling campaigns. Within each of these projects we had multiple audiences and multiple deliverables for each audience. Having so many audiences and differing deliverables required multiple tailored creative assets — and therefore more work per individual audience. That is how things become harder to keep track of.
As an account coordinator, it is my job to make sure the project is moving in the right direction and that deliverables are on track. In complex projects like EGLE and the Michigan Census, I found that communication was key – constant communication of timelines, where deliverables were in the process, updating each team and making sure we met deliverables was essential to the success of each complex campaign. To make this kind of communication possible, we utilize a project tracker. It is a living document that lists every detail of the project and where things are at in any given stage. This may seem like a massive undertaking, but working with the experienced team at Güd makes it easier.
As many of you know, we are a small woman-owned agency, which means everything is possible! No matter the size and complexity of the campaign, our team puts their best work/effort toward meeting client goals and expectations within the assigned budget and timing, and that’s where I come in (managing the process of deliverables/tactics development). The process begins with an approved communications plan, and from there, our team emerges into the execution and development phase.
To do so, the account team compiles every tactic and deliverable detail on the plan and launches each department within the agency (creative, social media, digital media, public relations, etc.). This could be as small as an email image to as big as a billboard design and everything in between. Attention to detail is very crucial in this phase. Every small (or large) detail could impact our development phase, budget and timing. Therefore, spending the time to compile details, develop a brief and launch team members is a big part of this process, as is adjusting along the way.
As a team, being flexible, open to ideas and able to improve and adjust in the moment is just what we do every day. And that’s how we pull off small-business flexibility and big-business capability.

Rita Abbawi

Account Coordinator
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