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What’s Great About Güd?

by Kaila Szafranski on July 12, 2022 3 -minute read
Culture. Flexibility. Growth. When searching for a new career, these keywords can sometimes sound like a job-posting broken record. Dive a little deeper with us and read on for five authentic reasons why it’s great to work at Güd Marketing and get a sneak peek at our core values.
My name is Kaila and I started as a digital media specialist at Güd Marketing in September 2021. I’m by no means a human resources or recruitment expert, but you can consider me a trustworthy and honest source for insight on what it’s really like to work at Güd Marketing. Below, I’ve listed five (of many) reasons why I love it here and bolded our core values in red throughout (to help you prep for a future interview 😉):

Work That Means Something

Whether I’m working on a social media campaign that encourages efficient recycling practices or developing a media plan for a college assistance program, I know that I’m making a difference. We care so much about our clients because we know that they are managing programs that benefit our loved ones, our state, our country and even ourselves. The work I do at Güd Marketing is a breath of fresh air, especially for someone who came from an environment where the focus was simply to sell and move on.

Commitment to Being Good Human Beings

At the end of the day, I genuinely enjoy working with all my colleagues. While we have our strengths and areas for improvement, at our cores we are good people, and we embrace each other’s differences. When I come to work, I know that I have a professional and personal support system, and that I can count on my team for anything. We are a group of passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated human beings committed to Güd Marketing’s mission of strengthening communities and improving lives.

Office Talk Isn’t Always Shop Talk

As someone who is naturally extroverted, I love being able to occasionally step away from work and chat with my co-workers about the weekend, upcoming local events, favorite restaurants and more. Don’t get me wrong, everyone at Güd Marketing has a can-do attitude and the dedication needed to finish hot projects, but we also have an environment that promotes laugh breaks and mental breathers. Lunch is always a fun part of my day as well because there are several of us who enjoy sitting together and connecting on a personal level … and occasionally getting into a heated “Star Wars” debate (or five).

You’re Constantly Learning

I started as a beginner in paid media, but the leadership team and my colleagues were very understanding and willing to show me the ropes. In an agency environment, you do not come across that very often. Once I understood the basics, I realized how curious we are as a company and started to learn more about our clients and the valuable work that they are doing. We also have a huge focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and have regular trainings on how to be leaders in our community.

The Holiday Party

That’s right, our holiday party made this list because it’s pretty AWESOME. Our annual holiday gathering really shows who we are as a company and exemplifies how much we value doing the right thing. Instead of a night focused on drinking and dressing up, we celebrate the holidays by going into the community and doing some good. This past year our leadership team put together a road rally where we bought and donated items to a local shelter and gave away Speedway gas cards to people at the pump (all on the company dime). And, of course, we had some fun at an agency-wide lunch where we played a very intense gift exchange game.
Sound like Güd Marketing might be the perfect fit for you too? Head over to our careers page to see our current openings. Hope to meet you soon!

Kaila Szafranski

Digital Media Specialist
Musical theater enthusiast, reality TV junkie, astrology lover, WMU alum
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