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When News Breaks

by Sophie Gamble on Aug 30, 2022 2 -minute read
A key component of any successful public relations campaign is the planning that goes into it. At Güd, we pride ourselves on data- and result-driven public relations work that starts with identifying the outcome based on the target audience. In this post, we’ll address a few keys to telling the narrative of your business using stakeholders, partners and local legislators.

Celebrating milestones

A great way to connect with your audience is celebrating a milestone. A milestone looks different for every business. It could be a new hire, a new business opportunity or celebrating a recent award. It’s important to remember timeliness is an essential aspect of these announcements. If your goal is to gain media coverage or share the accomplishment with stakeholders, make sure to explain the impact of the milestone on the future of your business.

Planning an event

Whether it’s a ribbon cutting for a grand opening or a news conference, events require a lot of preparation. It’s important to start the planning process by defining the desired outcome. Is the goal to inform stakeholders and partners? Or the public? Or a member of the media? It’s also worth thinking about if the event should be in person, hybrid or virtual. If the main goal is garnering media coverage, a news conference should feature relevant speakers in a visually engaging location. If you want stakeholders and partners to attend and be able to converse with staff, a networking event after work hours might work best.

Sharing the message outside the media

Depending on the goals for your business, the media is not the only audience you can engage with. You can also reach out to your partners and even legislators to share the message on their channels, especially if it’s a message that impacts their stakeholders. At Güd, we often engage with these audiences via email marketing, face-to-face or virtual meetings or calls to individuals. The most important aspect when communicating with these audiences is a clear call to action, what you would like the result to be and how the message impacts the individual you’re speaking to.
Hopefully this provided you some advice on how to get the news out about accomplishments, upcoming events and general messaging to a variety of audiences. If you have more questions or are looking for more information on public relations, we highly suggest visiting the Public Relations Society of America website for additional resources.

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