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Why Is Reddit Relevant?

by Kaila Szafranski on Oct 11, 2022 3 -minute read
Ah, Reddit. Yelp’s uglier stepsister. Or, is it? It may be shocking, but Reddit can be an extremely valuable and beneficial platform for paid advertising. And, it might just be the piece that’s missing from your marketing mix. Read on to learn more about this unique site and what it can add to your brand.
If you’ve scrolled to this point, you’re clearly intrigued by Reddit. But what, actually, is it? Like Facebook and Twitter, Reddit is a social media platform where people come together to discuss interests and share opinions. The site sorts user content into themed communities and forums where people can upvote (like), downvote (dislike) and comment.
Now that you have some basic understanding of the platform, here are three reasons why you should consider advertising on Reddit.

Audience Size & Quality

Home to 430 million monthly active users, Reddit’s audience base is nearly twice the size of Twitter. According to Semrush, the platform is currently the fifth-most-visited website in the United States. Not only is the audience huge, it’s also highly engaged. Think about it; Most social media sites promote mindless scrolling through information that is not relevant to the audience. Because of Reddit’s design, most people are actively searching for the answer to a question, a how-to segment or a specific forum. The entire site revolves around user-generated content and discussion and consumers are much more likely to engage within this type of space.

Ad Types & Targeting

Text ads, videos, carousels — oh my! No matter your creative, there’s a Reddit ad format for you. Just know that Reddit’s platform is designed to share authentic messages, so keep your ads interactive in nature and not overly sales focused. In addition to its creative options, Reddit offers strong targeting capabilities. Facebook recently removed thousands of interest-targeting categories, which has made it difficult to create behavior-based audiences. Since Reddit focuses heavily on fostering consumer interest and opinion, it is one of the few social media platforms that still offers a healthy amount of behavioral targeting options. The site also allows you to directly target its vast array of communities, more than 2.8 million to be exact, giving you the ability to put relevant ads in front of the right audience.


So how does Reddit compare with other social sites in terms of cost? Like other platforms, Reddit’s ads are priced through an auction system. Essentially, this means that your ad costs are based on the level of market competition for your target audience. After digging into our recent Reddit and Facebook campaigns, we discovered that Reddit’s average cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) was lower. On average, we saw that our carousel campaigns achieved CPMs that were 75% less than Facebook and our video campaigns had CPMs that were 20% less. It’s important to note that Reddit’s CPMs can range from $1-$100 depending on targeting and ad type, but if you are using the platform correctly, your costs should remain relatively low.

The Skinny

Like any social media platform, Reddit has its cons. If you don’t know how to navigate the site, you might not see the results that you’re looking for. But if you do your research and take the time to plan a thoughtful campaign, you’ll see that Reddit can be a strong paid media tactic.
Want to see if Reddit might be the right fit for your brand? Give us a call at 517-267-9800 or send us a message and we’d be happy to chat more.

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