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Block Asian Carp
Invasive Species Public Awareness Campaign, Great Lakes Region
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Project Goals:
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Full-Service Campaign

The serious risk of Asian carp in our Great Lakes.

Despite decades of work on the issue, invasive Asian carp remain one of the greatest threats to the ecology and economy of the Great Lakes. To protect the ecosystem – as well as the thousands of tourism, fishing and boating jobs in Michigan and other Great Lakes states – Michigan was willing to make a substantial investment to upgrade barriers on the Des Plaines River in Joliet, Illinois, to prevent the carp from getting into Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes waterways ecosystem.
However, without Illinois’ approval, it was unlikely that Michigan could move forward. A campaign was required to encourage agreement among top decision-makers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The campaign also needed to gain support from citizens, business leaders, stakeholders and others.
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Public Relations
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We unleashed a torrent of action.

Social media, grassroots communications and earned media coverage created a movement to support installation of the system.
Select and targeted key decision-makers in Illinois were urged to collaborate with the Michigan governor’s office to address the Asian carp threat.
A news conference with former Gov. Rick Snyder kicked off the effort.
Media outlets in key U.S. states and Canadian provinces were given online media kits, website content, media advisories, press releases and viewpoint commentaries, customized by media market.

Major media outlets fueled the conversation.

A homepage takeover of the Chicago Tribune helped inform Illinois residents.
The partnership with the Chicago Tribune increased the urgency and credibility of the message to Illinois residents.
Full-page ads supported the digital effort in highlighting the need for immediate action.

Power to the people.

Social media gave Great Lakes Basin residents a voice that created action.
Citizens, stakeholders and business leaders were provided a platform to show their support in Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.
Smart phone with a "Block Asian Carp" Facebook post on screen.
Facebook targeting helped the campaign generate more than 13 million impressions.
A comprehensive communications approach integrated public relations and outreach.

Original content told the deeper story.

A testimonial video illustrated the devastating impact of Asian carp.
The microsite included advocacy software, a virtual road map for action and integrated social media optimized for sharing.


OVER 13,000

letters sent to government leaders.


news media stories generated nationwide.
In response to the public outcry, the Illinois governor’s office


Let’s do some good together.

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