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Forest for A Lifetime
Forestry Resources Division Public Education Campaign, Michigan
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Project Goals:
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Full-Service Campaign

The vital importance of Michigan’s forest resources.

Healthy and abundant forests are essential to the health and well-being of the entire state. They help clean the air and water, provide food and shelter to wildlife and help support the Michigan economy in almost every sector. But those facts are often lost on people, and comprehensive research revealed that many struggle to understand how forests and trees impact their lives – let alone exactly what forestry entails.

To address these issues, the Forest Resources Division of the Michigan DNR (Department of Natural Resources) needed a campaign to help explain the benefits that healthy forests provide to everyone in Michigan.
Services Performed
Social Media
Media Buying
Public Relations
Content Marketing

Forest sustainability: The insight that never quits.

The relevancy of trees was best brought to life by demonstrating their endless benefits. Research showed a significant lack of understanding about the benefits of forestry, especially in younger people and most notably how cutting older trees helps new trees to grow.

The idea was designed to strengthen every branch of forestry.

We created a world literally made with the beauty of sustainability.
We secured 25 high-profile digital outdoor locations with 437% value added over media investment.

We helped everyone see the forest for the trees (and vice versa).

Our message was invested across a wide expanse of highly effective paid media.
Multiple social media campaigns hyperextended the reach of forestry videos, content marketing stories and interactive quizzes.

Popular Snapchat ads performed five times better than the industry average.

Grabbing (and holding) their attention – for good.

Relevant content, provided in intriguing ways, led to record-breaking time spent on the forestry narrative.
Unique interactive pieces provided lasting impressions by making educational content fun and engaging with our audience in new ways.
Long-form stories held the interest of our audience with a 330% higher-than-average read time in the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News.

Unorthodox tactics proved fun and effective.

We equipped our audience with forestry messaging in entertaining real-life places.
Forestry messaging printed on free, pine-scented air fresheners was a refreshing, natural fit.
Drink coasters – 125,000 in all – were used at popular social venues with QR code links to trivia and entertaining videos.


87% believe

that forests should be actively managed – up from 81%

83% believe

that healthy forests are important to create jobs and business in Michigan – up from 76%

22% more

people agree that cutting down trees is necessary to meet important human needs.

Let’s do some good together.

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