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More to The Ride
Public Transportation Public Awareness and Education Campaign
Interurban Transit Partnership
Project Goals:
Awareness, Education
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Full-Service Campaign

Could a community fall in love with its transit system?

To help strengthen its operations and win broader support, Grand Rapids’ public transportation system – The Rapid – needed a campaign that would demonstrate its importance to the community. Not only for those who ride it, but for everyone.
Services Performed
Social Media
Media Buying
Public Relations
Content Marketing

Investing in the community.

Nonriders needed a reason to support public transportation. Focus groups revealed that people in Grand Rapids were passionate about the well-being of their community and everyone in it – a situation that was perfectly suited for a message strategy based on empathy and compassion.

Real stories create real support.

We gave Grand Rapids a glimpse into the lives of people who use public transportation.
Multiple messages displayed along common routes allowed commuters to grasp a much larger story.
With a growing Hispanic population in the Grand Rapids area, Spanish-language translations were strategically placed to make sure our message reached everyone.
To provide in-depth engagement, digital display ads connected users to long-form videos.
To increase campaign reach and recall, traditional media was integrated with social media by showcasing the video series within The Rapid’s Facebook news feed.

It wasn’t just personal. It was business, too.

The community engagement strategy proved The Rapid’s loyalty to local businesses.
To support local businesses, an ongoing news segment took viewers along for a ride on The Rapid every Thursday as buses made stops at various establishments.
Bus route-based advertorials were placed in destination guides available in prominent hotels, busy shopping malls and various downtown business districts.


14.5M+ impressions

during the first six months.
“More to The Ride” online videos received


Reached 85% of the target audience on average of

five to seven times per month.

Let’s do some good together.

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