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Down Payment Fairy
First-Time Homeowners Down Payment Assistance Campaign, Michigan
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Project Goals:
Awareness, Recruitment
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Full-Service Campaign

Putting homeownership within everyone’s reach.

During an economic time when many people could only dream of owning a home, we worked with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to increase awareness of its Down Payment Assistance program – the only program in Michigan providing $7,500 toward a down payment – for eligible first-time homebuyers with low to moderate incomes. We needed to build a campaign that showed Michiganders homeownership wasn’t just a dream.
Services Performed
Social Media
Media Buying
Public Relations
Content Marketing

The moment when “too good to be true” actually turned out to be true.

Research found that the most likely candidates for these programs were Michigan singles ages 28-38. Further research into the decision-making process by potential and recent program users guided the creation of an unconventional campaign that exceeded all of MSHDA’s marketing objectives.

The power to grant wishes.

The disruptive – yet savvy – Down Payment Fairy earned her wings on digital streaming and pre-roll (a breakthrough tactic in 2013) and in targeted print placements by spreading the good news about the availability of homebuying assistance.
Articles were published in local media and partner publications to promote the campaign among loan officers and lenders who might service MSHDA loans.

Making a big impact on 30-something first-time homebuyers.

Digital display and social media got everybody’s attention.
Even though she didn’t have real wings, the Down Payment Fairy was a social butterfly with countless appearances in social media and digital display.


Record-setting 208 loans

in a single month.


received through the website (10-30 daily).


from $4 million a month to $4 million a week during campaign.

Let’s do some good together.

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