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Look Twice. Save a Life.
Motorcycle Safety Behavior Change Campaign, Michigan
Michigan Department of State
Project Goals:
Awareness, Recruitment
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Innovative Tactic: Media Buy + Placement

Utilizing media placement and value-add techniques to enhance messaging.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s Office came to us with the goal of saving lives. It had clear data on how and when fatal crashes between motorcyclists and vehicles were occurring on Michigan roads, and it wanted to get this information out to drivers. Our team built a paid and earned media plan with the aim of reaching motorists when and where it matters most – in the summer, on the road.
We built a multimedia campaign to address the issue, but the stars of the show were billboards and bus tails. We leveraged our outdoor media buy to include an additional $62K in statewide placements on high-visibility boards and those near intersections with high crash rates. In addition, we leveraged special placements – including side-by-side and vertical stacks and progressive series – to create high impact and high visibility for this driver-centric topic. The results were a never-before-achieved 100% added-value rate. The results provided our client 2x the buying power in order to get its important message out to the state.
Services Performed
Social Media
Media Buying
Public Relations
Content Marketing
Two billboards side-by-side. The left board shows several illustrated cars with a single motorcyclist. The text reads, "Motorcyclists are hard to see." The right board reads, "Most crashes with motorcyclists happen when you turn left. Look twice. Save a life."
Side-by-side outdoor boards.
Two billboards stacked, one on top of the other. The top board shows several illustrated cars with a single motorcyclist. The text reads, "Motorcyclists are hard to see." The bottom board reads, "84% of motorcycle and vehicle crashes happen on streets like this. Look twice. Save a life."
Vertically stacked outdoor boards.



impressions via billboards and bus tails.


added value in media.

Estimated 73%

of campaign impressions delivered while people were driving or commuting.

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