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Map Michigan’s Future Redistricting
Commission Recruitment Campaign, Michigan
Michigan Department of State
Project Goals:
Awareness, Recruitment
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Innovative Tactic: Video

Using video to go door to door, mailbox to mailbox.

After every U.S. census, district lines for political offices are redrawn to accurately reflect each state’s population. By Michigan law, a commission of citizens is now responsible for this task. Thousands of applications were randomly mailed to Michigan citizens. But how to be certain to build a robust pool of applicants who reflect the diversity of the state? Especially at random? This was the challenge that the Michigan Department of State asked Güd Marketing to help meet.
For phase one of the campaign, we had a small budget, a tight timeline and a big job. Our strategy was to create video spots for TV, social and digital pre-roll and to get those in front of as many Michiganders as possible. We leveraged a partnership with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters that included PSA public match programs.
Services Performed

Social Media
Media Buying
Public Relations

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters overdelivered spectacularly: 2,922 TV ads ran over two months, 2,122 of which were added-value or free statewide television placements.
Added-value placements were equivalent to 40% of the overall paid media investment.



engagements of social and general audience video.


added-value statewide television spots.



complete applications, representing every county in the state.

Let’s do some good together.

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