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Enrollment Campaign for Higher Education Savings, Michigan
Michigan Education Trust
Project Goals:
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Innovative Tactic: Expert Panel

People needed expert advice. So, we went live with the experts.

Enrolling in a college savings plan is a big commitment and a topic too complex to cover in ads alone. Furthermore, converting folks who are “window-shopping” to folks who hold contracts often requires multiple touches and deep engagement. Güd Marketing used Facebook Live to host a panel of experts who answered questions from Michigan parents, caregivers and grandparents.
Research showed that people who had not already signed up for a plan were more likely to do so when they heard from “real parents and caregivers.” The personal connection achieved when meeting “face-to-face” and getting real-time answers from knowledgeable experts provided much-needed reassurance to concerned parents in the midst of a global pandemic that challenged family finances everywhere.
Services Performed
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Public Relations
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The event provided a way to promote MET’s $100 match and to deeply engage with parents, caregivers and grandparents.


Over 270%

increase in MET website traffic in only 10 days.


in MET relevancy through paid TV interviews.

“We’ve long considered Güd Marketing a trusted partner. But it’s much more than innovative campaigns. The folks at Güd truly believe in MET – and in helping families save on college tuition. That heartfelt caring shines through in everything they do.”

– Diane Brewer, Michigan Education Trust executive director

Let’s do some good together.

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