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Unplanned Futures

Michigan Educational Trust (MET) offers parents, guardians, businesses and others the opportunity to purchase up to 10 semesters of undergraduate tuition at today’s rates for future use at any Michigan public college or university for children who are Michigan residents. Faced with the challenging fact that only 20% of parents were saving for their child’s education in 2017, MET engaged Güd Marketing to develop and implement a campaign that would increase awareness among parents and guardians of children up to 12 years old and drive contract enrollment.

Empowered Action

A two-phase research plan was designed to address the motivation, decision-making factors and priorities of potential MET program participants. Phase 1 comprised a series of eight online focus groups among Michigan parents and grandparents who fit MET’s participant profile. Phase 2 was a quantitative online survey among 361 Michigan parents and grandparents.
Using that information, Güd drew up a plan to annually develop an overall campaign strategy and calendar to guide our work, while remaining fluid and responsive to changing needs. We developed a broad campaign theme to launch the Michigan Education Trust enrollment drive, followed by targeted messages and tactics.
The effort was implemented in short, compressed campaigns deployed in conjunction with key seasonal milestones. It used a multifaceted, integrated approach with a mix of both traditional and digital advertising — including television, radio, digital, content marketing articles and social media.
Earned media tactics included press events and forging partnerships with legislators. Our paid media team used influencers to reach audiences in a trusted and direct way. We provided ongoing day-to-day consulting and worked together to create a collaborative campaign that drove results.

Campaign Tactics

Integrated Video
Content Articles
Paid, Earned and Owned Media
Social Media

Meaningful, Measurable Results

Gud Marketing’s partnership with MET was a remarkable success. Highlights from the first year of campaign messaging and advances in public awareness include:


Worth of earned media value


Added advertising value

24% Increase

In MET contracts

Broad Dissemination

Of content articles, including in Forbes magazine
Since then, MET contracts have increased annually by at least 6%, sometimes exceeding goals to reach 10%.
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