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Building From a New Foundation

Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) opens doors for residents throughout the Greater Columbus metropolitan area. It connects individuals with attainable housing through housing choice vouchers, new multifamily housing developments and rehabilitation of existing housing. It promotes neighborhood revitalization and bridges access to social services — amazing work that strengthens CMHA’s community.
The issues CMHA faced were all too common in the affordable housing industry: NIMBY attitudes, negative media coverage and mistaken beliefs that attainable housing is a burden on the local economy and community. This negative narrative restricted CMHA’s efforts to expand and improve housing, implement new assistance programs to their full potential and support the Columbus metropolitan community.

Changing the Narrative

Güd Marketing empowered CMHA to take control of its image and accurately present itself as a benevolent steward of essential public resources and a vital asset to the community. The results were transformative — ushering a profound shift in perception, interest and funding. There has been a significant decrease in negative sentiment toward CMHA as citizens become aware of the broad scope of people who benefit from its community-building programs. The housing authority is federally recognized as an industry leader and has garnered private investor interest.

The Power of Storytelling

Our team of public relations experts replaced the standard, single-perception testimonials that were, at the time, the predominant driver of CMHA’s image with strategic storytelling — a sweepingly effective tactic. Güd Marketing identified and skillfully framed stories that highlighted the value CMHA brings to communities by reducing the cost burden of housing and increasing access to safe, affordable places to live. We presented these stories to the public, stakeholders and governmental policymakers. We brought them to news conferences and press releases and showcased them on local and national media outlets — drawing attention, awareness and support for CMHA that otherwise would have been attainable only through the purchase of cost-prohibitive paid media. These initial efforts led to a robust increase in CMHA’s list of stakeholders and partners.

Purposeful Communication

We know that effective, sustainable marketing is achieved through varied and continuous efforts. To continue and expand its work, CMHA needed to maintain momentum, relevance and a positive image to keep stakeholders abreast of important events and developments. Güd Marketing has strategically developed and implemented a tailored plan to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time, in the right way.

Campaign Tactics

Stakeholder Outreach
Media Coverage
Integrated Video
Print Ads
Email Marketing Campaign

Meaningful, Measurable Results

Güd Marketing is proud of our partnership with CMHA, which has led to the authority’s statewide and national recognition as a leader in the affordable housing industry. Highlights include:

400% Growth

In CMHA’s stakeholder list, expanding its outreach


In earned media coverage (cost CMHA would have incurred through paid media costs)


In positive media coverage, reflecting a huge shift in public perception and support of CMHA
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