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Safe Drinking Water

Safe, clean water is as essential for people as it is for wildlife — and it’s a crucial issue now more than ever. The Statewide Drinking Water Advisory Council (SDWAC) is responsible for educating Michigan communities about the dangers of lead-contaminated drinking water and how residents can safely use this vital resource.
Güd Marketing has partnered with SDWAC to carry out the important mission of ensuring that accessible, streamlined and accurate information about lead in drinking water is received by Michigan residents.

A Tailored Approach

Based on solid research and a data-driven strategy, Güd Marketing has implemented a focused educational program featuring an informational toolkit that water professionals, community partners and local drinking water councils throughout the state can use to inform residents. When Güd became involved, many different messages were being conveyed to Michigan residents. Our team conducted a gap assessment by compiling and analyzing those messages in terms of relevancy, appearance, accuracy and accessibility. We were then able to manipulate existing messages to maximize their efficacy and create new ones for applicable topics that were not being addressed. Using this information, Güd will create a toolkit for SDWAC and a public distribution plan will be implemented.

Campaign Tactics

Public Meetings
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